Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jauh Kau Pergi

Pernah ada rasa cinta
Antara kita kini tinggal kenangan
Ingin ku lupakan
Semua tentang dirimu
Namun tak lagi kan seperti dirimu oh bintangku
Jauh kau pergi meninggalkan diriku
Di sini aku merindukan dirimu
Kini ku cuba mencari penggantimu
Namun tak lagi kan seperti dirimu oh kekasih

her passion

mama heart you so much, sayang! mmuahhh !!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

bukan lupa tapi tak ingat

kejadian ini baru saja berlaku. ana the receptionist called me, "syima, ada 1 lagi parcel baru sampai untuk awak ni..". and me replied, "hah? parcel? saya beli apa eh? hmm tak pe lah, jap lagi saya turun. thanks ana..". tetiba blur pulak.. pas tu kaki melangkah heading to lobby. dalam pada recall tu baru teringat yang saya ada beli shawl! ahahhaa pelupa rupanya saya ni.. eh bukan lupa tapi tak ingat lah..

p/s: i loike this lovely shawl.. cantikkkkkk bangat!


semalam yang hangat

i feel bad. tu lah, sape suh 'freeze' lama sangat? lain kali exercise lah at least jogging ke kan.. aiseyy.. seluruh badan dah lenguh-lenguh akibat aerobik semalam. tapi best la sebab dah lama tak berpeluh! program aerobik ni memang bagus. kena korban masa sikit tapi tak apa lah. awal-awal lagi saya dah video call gud gurL, inform her that mama will be home late. she said, "okay".. ;)

teacher pesan mesti kurangkan ais. alhamdulillah lepas bersalin, saya memang dah kurang minum ais. jadi saya rasa pesanan teacher tu tidak membimbangkan saya. kalau kat ofis atau kat rumah, saya memang tidak minum ais tapi jika keluar makan atau minum di luar, saya order juga ais. mungkin boleh dimaafkan.. hik hik..

ohh ya.. i watched my bro last nite in zero 2 hero @ astro ria. teruja juga tengok abang masuk tv. hahhaa.. tu baru 1st episode, a lot more to come. saya dan seluruh ahli keluarga memberi sokongan padu kepada beliau dan hasilnya abang berjaya melayakkan diri ke peringkat akhir [saya dah pernah cerita pasal zero 2 hero - grand finale di entry tahun lepas].

ok lah. dah malas nak citer. back to work!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to Maintain a Good Relationship with Your Best Friend Forever

A person can be very close to their parents and family, but they feel more comfortable and it is often easier to share feelings with their friends. A true best friend is closest to the heart than anyone in the world - no strings attached, no expectations, and just support and care for one another.


1. Know clearly about each other. Ask questions. Keep on learning about one another all the time, endlessly. Never make assumptions about your best friend; he or she is always growing, as are you.

2. Bond. This means spending quality time together. Do things together, have a milkshake or coffee together regularly, have heart-to-hearts, go places together.

3. Feel frank to share every problem. You need to have trust.

4. Whenever you have doubt in your mind you can consult him/her. Talk about any and every problem.


* Love your best friend from the bottom of your heart.

* Take advices & help at the time of need.

* Never leave him/her alone at the time of your happiness.

* Try to listen what he/she wants to tell you.

* After that you can place your views.


* Don't be possessive. That isn't friendship but domination.

* Allow yourself and your best friend to be friend with others also.

source -->

p/s: i'm in love with!

Monday, January 25, 2010

specially dedicated to Mohd Faizal Abu Bakar

How to Apply Makeup

Learn to apply makeup quickly and effortlessly!

In today's world, everybody is worried about how they look. However, looking great doesn't have to take too much time or effort. All you have to do is know what you're doing. Here's how to get your routine down pat!


1. Determine what type of skin you have: Oily, combination, normal, dry, etc. Many cosmetic counters have someone there that can do a preliminary analysis of your skin. Recommend some products. If you are on a budget, see what the professional at the cosmetic counter recommends, then go to your local drug store and find a similar product for way less money!

2. Start with a freshly-washed face, (and hands, too). Get a facial, or do one yourself. You want your face to be a clear and smooth canvas for you, the "artist," to do your art. Use a good deep-cleansing mask. Do not exfoliate if you have oily or sensitive skin. It will spread bacteria around your face from the already existing blemishes. Use antibacterial soap if you have acne. Also be sure that you replace the towel you use to dry your face every week. Lastly, apply toner by taking a cotton pad that has been dampened in warm water and sweep it over your face. Toner will restore the pH level of your skin and pick up any remaining dirt.

3. Massage a light moisturizer into your face no matter what type skin you have, avoiding the eye area! This will help oily skin dry, and dry skin become smoother. Wait a few minutes for it to soak into your skin. After letting it sit for a while, rinse face with warm water, and pat dry.

4. Apply a sheer foundation that matches your skin tone.
To find the right one, go to the makeup counter at a local department store and have the artist there help you.

5. Wear illuminator to make your skin appear youthful and dewy compared with dull, matte makeup. Skin illuminators come in powder, cream, mousse, etc. L'Oréal, Revlon, Neutrogena, and other brands make them - it's like make up with tiny particles that reflect light.

* Use a makeup sponge or wedge, starting around the hairline and working your way down. (Use the wedge for this routine because you can be more precise about where the make up goes.) If you want a proper look that looks as if it has been done by a professional makeup artist, try using a foundation brush.
* Remember to apply the makeup all the way down to your throat area and keep blending so you can't see where the make up ends. Nothing is worse than looking like you have a mask on your face!
* Around the eye area, do very light strokes inward, toward the inner corner of your eye. Don't apply it to your upper eyelid! All of the professional makeup artists say not to apply foundation to this area. This is why you need a foundation that matches your skin. If you want foundation to darken your skin then try putting it above your eyes, and see what you like. Be gentle with this part, because the skin is very delicate and sensitive here.
* Remember to blend all the makeup into your hairline. (but not so that your hair is another color!)

6. Apply concealer to any red or discolored spots. In the corners of your eyes, where it's blue, and around the nostrils are good places for this. Do this after applying foundation, so you don't use too much (many makeup artists do this the other way around). First apply the concealer, then pat very lightly with your finger to blend. Only apply concealer to the area that you want to conceal. Afterward, use the wedge to blend the concealer in with the foundation. Stand back away from your mirror to see if you have effectively concealed the areas. Try to stand about the distance away from the mirror that you stand away from people when you talk to them. Another way to conceal blemishes is to pat green concealer on the blemishes and red spots, then put foundation over top (the green reduces redness).

7. Apply a loose powder all over the face using a powder brush. Pat it into the powder; then, with a paper towel, tap the brush so the excess falls off the brush. Lightly brush across the whole face. Use a powder puff (small) to apply powder on the upper lid. Apply a bronzer to your forehead, cheeks, and chin, to give a sun-kissed look,if wanted.

8. Highlight your brow bone and cheek bones by applying a light powder just below the brow, and to the highest part of your cheek.

9. Apply a small amount of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Smile so you can see the apple of your cheek. Start the application at the apple and drag the blush outward toward your temple, following your cheek bone. Blend the color down a bit below your cheekbone in towards your earlobe.

* If you added too much color to the brush, use the clear side of your wedge to blend it in more until the color is faded out a bit. Your cheeks should have a hint of color. You don't want to look like a clown!

10. Contour your face, especially if you have "hidden" cheekbones. To do so you will need a brown tone of powder, don't make it ultra brown, but a milk-chocolatey kind of color. Apply a it on the brush and apply it under your cheek bones, starting from the temple and going down until underneath the apple of your cheek. Don't make it too abvious as it's meant to look like a shadow. Then, on top of your cheek bones take a white or really light skin tone powder and apply it, right between your eye and your cheek bone, again until the temple, and voila! You have cheek bones!

11. Take a fluffy powder brush and blend everything together, so that there are no visible lines or excess powders.

12. Line your eyes. Lightly pull one closed eyelid straight to the side and line it with a brown or soft black liner. For a more appealing look, apply liner with very light strokes to the upper lid, stroking toward the outer corner of the eye. To blend, use an angle brush. For a more natural look, dip the angle brush in some of your darker eyeshadow. Use a very light amount, or use the applicator tip. For the bottom lid, use a very light amount on the outer corner.

13. Put on the eyeshadow. Most eye colors come with two or three colors on the palette. The lighter color is for the lid. The darker color is for the crease on the lid, just below the eye bone. Apply the lighter tone first to the lid, spreading upwards to near the crease. For this, use the applicator that came inside the package. For the darker color, using your eyeshadow brush, dip into eye color and tap the brush to lose the excess. Apply inside the crease of the eye. You can find the crease by looking straight ahead. Your eye makes its own crease. Blend the color toward the outer corner of your eye. Sometimes you can blend it around to the bottom lid, but very lightly. The lightest color is for under the brow bone. Use the applicator to apply right on the brow bone just under the brow line. Make sure to use the larger eyeshadow brush to blend all the colors.

14. Use eyebrow pencil color that is very close to your natural eyebrow color. Here you just want to fill in missing areas. (It might behoove you to visit a makeup person that can arch your eyebrows correctly. If you've never done it yourself, have someone do it for you.) Your eyebrow should look very natural. If you do apply eyebrow pencil to any part of your eyebrow, use the angled brush to blend it into your brow with very light strokes.

15. Use a lash curler before applying any mascara. There are several mascaras to choose from depending on the look you want. If you have short lashes, use a mascara that will add length... if you have thin lashes, use a volumizing mascara. Never pump your mascara brush in and out of the mascara. This causes air pockets. Dip the brush in the mascara once and lightly wipe off the excess onto a paper towel. Looking downward, apply to the top lash with upward strokes. Start with the inner part and work your way outward. Do both eyes with two coats, then let dry. After a few seconds, do the bottom lids. It's better to apply to the very outer part of the lash on the bottom lid. This will open your eye more. An inexpensive way to curl your eye lashes is to take the brush from an older mascara, and use it , after you've washed MOST of the mascara off.

16. Line your lips with a liner that matches your lip color. Make sure your lip liner pencil is sharpened, but not too sharp. Line around the natural line of your lips. Trying to create a fuller lip by dragging the lip pencil outside your lip line is for professionals. Usually it makes you look like you're just plain bad at applying makeup! After applying your lip pencil to your lip line, rub your lips together so the lip pencil color spreads inside your lips.

17. Apply lipstick or lip gloss with a brush. It will spread it evenly. It's a good idea to brush your lip brush in your lipstick, then some of your lip gloss for a nice light shine. Blot your freshly painted lips lightly with a tissue.

18. Use a pressed powder to lightly powder the rest of your face, and the area under your eyes. Use very light pressure. Keep your pressed powder in your purse for touch ups.


* Know your style! and work it! show off you inner beauty with your eye make up!

* Don't apply harsh colors to cheeks especially if you have larger pores, this will help with the invisibility of your pores. If you don't have visible pores still use this tip because it will look fake and you will get the stripe that is mentioned a few tips down.

* Focus on one part, or two at most, of your face. Don't use a bold hue of lipstick with stand-out eyeliner and a bright shade of blush. Instead, zero in on the eyes and lips, or blush/skin. Keep it simple; don't over-do your makeup applications.

* Quality is always better than quantity.

* When you apply eyeshadow, it's common for specks of color to fall onto your face. This is a pain to get rid of after you've already perfected your foundation. If this happens frequently, apply your eyeshadow first, clean up the mess and then apply foundation. Alternatively, if there are only a few specks, you can just very carefully pick them up off your skin with tweezers.

* Eyeshadow sometimes falls onto your eyelashes and on oily skin, and it can smudge underneath your eye. To avoid this, use a make-up wipe or a cotton bud with a little make-up remover on it, and gently sweep it over your eyelashes from root to tip to pick up any leftover eyeshadow. To prolong your eyeshadow staying power use an eyeshadow base. A really good one is Urban Decay Primer Potion (UK £9.50, US $15.) Or you can use a good vitamin E cream (this also moisturizes your skin)

* Try to buy non-comedogenic makeup (it won't clog your pores; it says on the back if it's non-comedogenic.)

* Make sure all of these colors go with your skin, eyes, and hair colours.

* Use a liquid-to-powder Foundation to save time and skip powder application.

* For the best results, apply your makeup with good, natural lighting.

* Make sure that your lips do not look chapped or cracked before you put on lipstick. If your lips are chapped, lightly brush off the dead skin cells with a toothbrush or towel. Next, apply a chap stick with an SPF of 15 so your lips will look great all day. This way you have a nice, smooth, clean canvas to work with.

* Keep in mind the difference between day makeup, night makeup, and special occasions. Day makeup is light and tinted with neutral colors. Night makeup is more strongly tinted but never very heavy or caked on - use stronger colors. Special occasions take special items like false eyelashes, liquid liners, and highlighting under the eyes - look at the magazines around awards season.

* When choosing eye makeup, take the occasion into consideration. For everyday makeup, just use a pencil. Black or dark brown will do. Liquid eyeliners are best for special occasions. Your eyeliner should be more natural looking for day makeup, and can be a bit heavier for evening looks. If you want a more dramatic look, dot the eyeliner under the lash line, then use the angle brush to blend. Your mascara will bring the eyes out more.

* Always apply a foundation that contains at least an SPF of 15. If your foundation does not contain sunscreen, apply a separate sunscreen before starting your makeup routine. Wearing sunscreen will keep your skin looking healthy and decrease the likelihood of wrinkles. Look for something that is oil-free to reduce the chance of getting acne. It will also smell less strong. Your make-up might also turn a different (darker) color that will not blend with your skin tone as well.

* Take as much time as you like! It allows you to figure out what looks best on your face. If you try to rush, you might do some damage to your skin by dragging.

* If your skin doesn't look smooth, put foundation on before the other makeup, making it look smooth.

* If you are an active person who needs to wear makeup to the gym, make it waterproof.

* Have waterproof makeup remover available, and make it part of your daily routine to clean any and all make up before going to bed.

* Sometimes they have free makeovers scheduled at the mall on a walk-in basis. It's fun, and you learn a lot about your skin without spending a ton of money.

* The amount and type of makeup that you wear is completely up to you. You know your face better than we do - take the time to experiment. Makeup is, quite literally, the art of painting faces. Experimenting allows you to find what works best for you.

* Try using tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. It looks more natural and it's much easier to match to your skin tone.

* Always curl your lashes before applying mascara... If your lashes don't stay curled well, or you need to keep them curled for a long period of time, try blow drying your eyelash curler before using it. Just make sure it isn't too hot... It's like a hot roller for your eyelashes and keeps them curled even when you have a lot of heavy mascara on.

* Use waterproof makeup if you do sports or sweat a lot.

* It is easier to start light and add more as you need it.

* Wearing lighter colors makes it easier to avoid over-application.

* A sheer powder can help set your makeup, and it will last longer.

* Younger people should go for a sheer coverage unless you have serious blemishes that need coverage.

* Remember to clean your face every day with a gentle cleanser to avoid over-drying and breakouts.

* If you don't have eye makeup remover, you can use baby shampoo, that way if it gets in your eyes it won't sting.

* Vaseline takes off eye makeup really well. Put it over the eyeshadow and over any eye makeup, and get a towel to wipe it off.

* Make sure you use a make up and macara remover before going to sleep. You can use cotton balls, or makeup remover pads. You can usually find makeup remover at your local grocery store if they sell makeup there, or at a drug store. Taking off your makeup before going to sleep is very important, it's bad for your skin if you don't remove it before going to sleep. Make sure you wash your face after too, it gets off the rest of the foundation and powder. Baby wipes work well, too. Another way is to apply olive oil (or any other kind of oil) to your entire face, rubbing it to make sure that all the makeup is covered. Then, wipe it off and rinse. It will take the makeup of and help your skin too.

* If applying both lip color and eye makeup, emphasize one, or the other, NEVER both.


* Make sure you don't use cheap makeup. If you do, you will not look as good as you could, and it smears easily.

* Make sure you are not allergic to any products you use. Some can give you a sore throat or bad itching. A good way to minimize this is to get products that are fragrance-free.

* Don't make any straight lines or visible lines with your blush or foundation. You don't want racing stripes--you're not a zebra.

* Don't over-apply. If you over-apply, it will not look great with your arms, legs, and even your neck! Always try to keep it simple.

* Don't spend over RM80 on small items like lip pencils & eyebrow pencils. You should frequently visit beauty supply stores. Target discount stores are fast becoming a great place to go for several makeup tools.

* Drugstores and beauty supply stores are good sources of trend colors of make-up, or things that you don't wear every day. Buy your foundation at the department store - the pigments are more finely milled, so it goes on smoother, and there is better coverage. Also, you can make sure that the color exactly matches your skin tone and the formula gives you the right coverage for your skin type.

* Be aware that many concealers, cover-ups, or foundations may fade or turn orange in the sun. Before actually applying the product, test it on your hand, the area near the base of your thumb.

* Do your daily activities and see if the product stays the same color, fades, etc.

* Don't use soap to take off mascara. It can damage your eyelashes badly.

* Make sure your foundation matches your skin tone. Nothing looks worse than bad, discolored, or cheap foundation.

* Over time, mascara--especially waterproof mascara--can damage or remove some of your eyelashes (they grow back).

* Try NOT to wear makeup to the gym, it can clog your pores or lead to infection, not very pretty. It's better to wash your face before exercising and freshen up afterwards, reapplying makeup at this time. If you feel that you absolutely must wear something, avoid heavy foundation or anything that clogs your pores.

* Wash your face before and after you apply make-up! Use a moisturizer that has sunscreen that still keeps your skin looking natural.

* Wash your brushes with anti-bacterial soap, and replace or wash your sponges regularly (every week or two). Bacteria and oils will collect on these and cause breakouts later.

* Never let friends use your makeup sponges or brushes. They can leave bacteria, and this can cause irritation or infection. Wipe any makeup eye tray, lipstick, liner, etc. with a kleenex after it has been used by someone other than you.

* Try not to have makeup lines by your chin and jaw. That makes your make-up look ugly.

Thing's you'll need:

1. A creative hand.

2.A variety of makeup products--start with mascara, eyeliner, foundation/moisturizer, powder, eyeshadow, lipstick and lip gloss.

3. Good lighting, mirrors

4. Brushes and a wedge sponge. Try to avoid using your fingers.

Where is get this info? Here -->

so let's get started!

p/s: nak download video but too big. feel free to visit the site. very useful! ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

my lovely thursday, friday and saturday

thursday, 21st january 2010

as usual, sy pulang ke kT after office. arrived home before maghrib. farisya ameera and papa setia menanti mama.. dan foto di bawah ialah saat beliau mau pakai tudung.. nak ikut tokmi keluar.. ;)

friday, 22nd january 2010

friday nite, kami ke giant [lagi..]. teman my sis in law beli baby's stuff. sgt seronok shopping brg baby yg cute2 lg2 they're expecting baby girL.. so harus la beli pinky stuff kan.. foto di bawah my gurL sedang beraksi dgn motor [ntah apa nama tak tau].

kisah foto di bawah --> papa 'melarikan' cha~cha setelah cha~cha terlalu mahukan itu dan ini, and put her on the baby seat. bukan main suka lagi duduk tinggi2.. see her noti face! ;)
saturday, 23rd january 2010
these photos were taken otw to pantai batu buruk. yesterday nak bawa cha~cha pegi pantai tp lama pulak cha~cha tido, sampai petang. so agenda ptg jumaat dicarry fwd ke hari sabtu ptg. alhamdulillah syukur sy masih berkesempatan melayan karenah anakanda yg seorg nie..

she's riding the horse! ;)

lepas naik horse, pegi playground pulak. dah main ocor, buai and panjat spider web, cha~cha ajak g kat laut! hmm..

dah sampai kat laut, takut pulak nak turun.. nak mama dukung.. papa amik gambar.. abis tudung mama serabai, angin terlalu kuat!

last but not least, sekali lg kami bergambar kat kuda. my sis yg amik gambar. cha~cha suka tgk mama pegang horse sampai tanak pandang camera! ;p

sampai bertemu lagi.. daaaa..

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Insha Allah by Maher Zain

Everytime you feel like you cannot go on
You feel so lost
That your so alone
All you is see is night
And darkness all around
You feel so helpless
You can’t see which way to go
Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side

Insha Allah
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Everytime you can make one more mistake
You feel you can’t repent
And that its way too late
Your’re so confused, wrong decisions you have made
Haunt your mind and your heart is full of shame

Don’t despair and never loose hope
Cause Allah is always by your side
Insha Allah
Insya Allah you’ll find your way
Insha Allah
Insya Allah you’ll find your way

Turn to Allah
He’s never far away
Put your trust in Him
Raise your hands and pray
OOO Ya Allah
Guide my steps don’t let me go astray
You’re the only one that showed me the way
Showed me the way
Insha Allah
Insya Allah we’ll find the way

p/s: hati terpaut kala singgah di satu blog..


Monday, January 18, 2010

lacey shella

lacey shella is the name of the tudung. bought it here --> feel free to visit and happy shopping! she is my friend. now stay at abu dhabi. ;)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

aku rindu sayang kamu

friday, 15th jan 2010

at home sweet home. gud gurL fever, flu + batuk. cian anak mama.. wpun begitu, mama and papa tetap bawa cha~cha keluar g main ookkk ekkkk.. mcm dah jadi satu kemestian bawa cha~cha main. tak rugi pun bawa gud gurL keluar. happy tgk cha~cha seronok main tp yg tak bestnya, kebanyakan kids yg main tu lasak amat, mendatangkan bahaya pd anakanda tersayang. bila bersama cha~cha, agenda paling penting yg tak akan sy lepaskan ialah snap gambar! 3 hari 2 malam tu je lah sy berpeluang bersama cha~cha. masa tu lah nak amik gambar pun.. bleh jgk publish dlm belog ni. dan hari2 sy bleh lihat wajah cha~cha. hmm.. gambar masa cha~cha main ookkk ekkkk ada dlm hp papa. so sy juz letak gambar yg ni, sblm keluar.

saturday, 16th jan 2010
yer, sy tahu hari ni ada majlis asyura kat ofis. sy berhajat mau menghadirkan diri tp keadaan tidak mengizinkan. darL princess tidak sihat. tak sampai hati nak tinggal dan klau bawa pun, maybe it will getting worst. jadi sy telah membuat keputusan untuk tidak hadir. tp insyaAllah, sy akan join Redah Jer! Kemaman - Rompin Explorace 2010 nnt. form pon dah isi, insyaAllah jika tiada aral, sy akan turut serta.
dan sekali lg, mama dan papa bawa cha~cha pegi main ookkk ekkkk, buaian dan gelungsur.betul2 mcm tuan puteri pegi main pkai skirt! hik hik.. puteri di taman mainan..

dah naik smua benda, she asked us to go back. very gud gurL.. ;)

hanya kerana kesulitan yg sedikit

ini gambar paip pecah..

last thursday, sy pulang ke kT bersama ayahanda. sampai kat air hitam, kete q agak panjang. gambar paip pecah itu ialah di air hitam tu lah. dah banjir kat situ. dan biasa lah, ada segelintir pemandu yg TIDAK sabar dan TIDAK berhemah telah memotong barisan kete yg panjang ikut bahu jalan sebelah kiri. sgt tidak beradab! baik lori, kereta, 4WD. aduhh di mana sikap kita sebagai pemandu yg berhemah di jalan raya? renung2 kan..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

last year update

these pics were taken on the end of december last year at my bro's crib. abang buat BBQ and celebrate birthday his wife; aisyah.